She's Italian, from Milan, named Vinci. He's French and named Babi. Their common thread: fashion design. So it makes sense that Paris was their meeting point.

After 15 years growing the fashion brand Shine in a busy urban environment, the couple’s desire to be surrounded by nature, blue sky and sunshine grew. With a riad tucked in Marrakech medina, a retreat from the fast-paced fashion industry and place to seek inspiration, Morocco offered just what the couple was seeking. Swapping the fast-paced life of Paris, the couple’s afternoons were soon spent wandering through the medina admiring the artisans at work, their materials and artisanal know-how, provided inspiration for new ideas.

And so Giselle, an accessories collection inspired by the sunny Marrakech days, was born. Timeless pieces and striking colors are blended with ancestral artisanal know-how to complete a chic and casual basket collection.

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