POOL LabShow is a luxury multi-brand fashion store showcasing a curated selection of innovative and exclusive European designer brands and contemporary fashion labels.
This conception is aimed towards a unique and exquisite woman who is not afraid to take chances, looking to stand out from the crowd and own her style.
Spanish co-founder and creative director of POOL LabShow, Beatriz Carrillo, is no stranger to the fashion industry. Her passion for bringing European fashion labels and designer brands to the United States ignited when she moved to Miami from Madrid and she was unable to find the brands she loved back at home, realizing there was a need in the fashion market for innovative, polished and exclusive styles that only POOL LabShow’s concept with its European approach to fashion could fulfill on this side of the world. Having been involved with various top-recognized beauty and style brands worldwide, Beatriz embarked on this POOL LabShow journey to bring a new Euro-fused fashion realm to the United States.
This first multi-brand Lab Concept Store is located in Miami (376 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables), opened its doors on April 4th, 2016
Through POOL LabShow, Creative Director Beatriz Carrillo ambitions to provide a sophisticated and unique made in Europe fashion shopping experience with a luxurious setting. The extensive list of renowned European designer brands and labels include; Ailanto, Alvarno, Angel Schlesser, Ball Pagès, Cortana, Essentiel, Jorge Vázquez, Juan Vidal, Kinamania, Malababa, Mar Flores Madrid, Maria la Rosa, Pomandere, Roberto Torretta, Roseanna, Vanessa Bruno, amongst others.